9 December 2017

During Sekolah@FTSM , our SIG club , PCC organised bengkel asas scratch 2 for primary and secondary school students.

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Scratch is one of the programming language which teach user programming using visual block. Programming using Scratch is very easy as user only need to choose , move and arrange the selected block.


5 students from second year as the facilitators to help in this bengkel. At first , we showed them how to use the basic elements of Scratch 2 and teach them how to use as well.



One of the facilitator explaining in front.


Helping participant to solve their problem.

Then , participants will build their own story based on the theme ” Cerita Klasik Dongeng Melayu” . Participants can download material from .

Hence , i made a decision to help them beautify the image they downloaded.  I used Photoshop CS4 to help them crop the side edge of the image so that the image have a transparent background. This helps them to save their time from editing the image using the eraser tool provided in Scratch.



Helping participant to crop the photo they want.


After that , 3 particapants from those who have Scratch 2 basics and 3 from those who don’t have any basics are selected as winner. Prize and certificate given to respective participants.



Group Photo with all participants and facilitators.




Program Lupus E-Sisa

To provide a platform for UKM student to decompose unwanted hardware properly

—— Stage 1 : Planning the program ——

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-08 at 08.55.13.jpeg

(Photo : Poster designed for Program Lupus E-Sisa )

—– Stage 2 : Spread the poster and news —–



(Photo : Paste the poster at notice board)

—–Stage 3 : Pick-up day —–


(Photo : Me and my friend arranging hardware collected .)


WhatsApp Image 2017-05-20 at 14.41.53.jpeg

( Photo : All ajks took photo with representive from PIKOM.)

PC Comp 2017

– 21 MAY 2017 –

As a PCC member , i was involved in PC Comp 2017 .

Our planning for this event started at the beginning of semester 2 . I was given the pose of treasurer for PC Comp .

My job scope:
1. Collect money from participants.
2. Collect receipts for expenses used.

————————————-During the event day ————————————-

It was held at Makmal Pengajaran 1 , FTSM.

Besides, i joined PC Comp as a participant as a member of PCC.


(Photo : I collect registration fees from participant and collect receipts for expenses .)

The PC Comp started at 10.00am. I form a team with my coursemate , VenMin . We were giving 9 different questions and using 1 PC only to solve problems. After we done our coding , we have to submit it using PC2.


(Photo : Me and my group member solving problems.)

The competition ended at 2.00pm. Then we went to Bilik Kuliah 2 to have our lunch.

After 1 hour , we gathered again at Makmal Pengajaran 1 to know our result for PC Comp.


(Photo : My group won RM32.00 for problem solved. )

After Guru Penasihat of PCC announced the winner for PC Comp 2017 , all participants and ajk took a group photo with winner’s prize.


(Photo : Group photo of guru penasihat and all particapants.)

Riadah With PCC

– 13 MAY 2017 –

We went to Bukit Melawati for riadah with other PCC members.



  • To increase the awareness of public towards surrounding’s cleanliness.
  • To contribute in maintaining the cleanliness of our nature.


We gathered at FTSM and depart at 7.30am .


WhatsApp Image 2017-05-13 at 09.18.06.jpeg

(Photo : All PCC members took group photo at Monkey Hill.)



WhatsApp Image 2017-05-13 at 11.23.37.jpeg

 (Photo : Collecting rubbish while hiking .)