PC Comp 2017

– 21 MAY 2017 –

As a PCC member , i was involved in PC Comp 2017 .

Our planning for this event started at the beginning of semester 2 . I was given the pose of treasurer for PC Comp .

My job scope:
1. Collect money from participants.
2. Collect receipts for expenses used.

————————————-During the event day ————————————-

It was held at Makmal Pengajaran 1 , FTSM.

Besides, i joined PC Comp as a participant as a member of PCC.


(Photo : I collect registration fees from participant and collect receipts for expenses .)

The PC Comp started at 10.00am. I form a team with my coursemate , VenMin . We were giving 9 different questions and using 1 PC only to solve problems. After we done our coding , we have to submit it using PC2.


(Photo : Me and my group member solving problems.)

The competition ended at 2.00pm. Then we went to Bilik Kuliah 2 to have our lunch.

After 1 hour , we gathered again at Makmal Pengajaran 1 to know our result for PC Comp.


(Photo : My group won RM32.00 for problem solved. )

After Guru Penasihat of PCC announced the winner for PC Comp 2017 , all participants and ajk took a group photo with winner’s prize.


(Photo : Group photo of guru penasihat and all particapants.)


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